China Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing in China is very different to the rest of the world. The social media sites we use at home (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc) have fallen victim to the Great Firewall of China and are not accessible to Chinese consumers. This means when trying to reach consumers through social media channels in China, you need to be using different tools to communicate with them.

One of the most popular China social media marketing channel is WeChat. On average, 877 million users log into WeChat every day – comprising 30% of all mobile traffic in China. 61% of all users access WeChat more than 10 times a day. These astonishing figures highlight the importance WeChat plays in the lives of Chinese consumers, and how engaged they are with it.


What does this mean for businesses?

WeChat, the all-in-one super app, presents some very exciting marketing opportunities. It allows users to send text and voice messages, as well as shop online, pay bills, watch videos etc. From a marketing perspective, WeChat ads can be customised to suit a particular target market and official public accounts can be set up so companies can post relevant content to connect to their Chinese audience.

As one of the most frequently used app, it is not doubt that the road to social media marketing success in China must start with WeChat.


Other top social media platforms in China:

SinaWeibo (China’s alternative to Facebook and Twitter)

Weibo has over 361 million active monthly users. As a micro blogging site, companies can post their own content in the form of links, photos, music and videos, and can link to other external content.It provides a platform for increased communication and engagement with its customers.

Tencent QQ

QQ is an instant messaging app. Similar to WeChat, it offers users multiple services such as group and video chat, micro-blogging, shopping, movies etc. With more than 861 million users, it attracts a younger user base compared to other platforms.

Youku (China’s Youtube equivalent)

Youku is the top video-sharing app in China. Companies can create a video account and upload their marketing information to reach its target audience.

As more and more Chinese consumers are using social media, it’s essential that you understand the engagement opportunities that each Chinese social media network offers.

If you are looking to set up and manage a WeChat official account to reach and engage with Chinese consumers online, Sinorbis might be the right solution for your business. Our platform allows you easily create, edit and schedule WeChat content, set up auto responses based on certain keywords, as well as segment and manage your followers based on their location, demographics and much more.

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