China Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing in China is very different to the rest of the world. The social media sites we use at home (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc) have fallen victim to the Great Firewall of China and are not accessible to Chinese consumers.

When trying to reach consumers through social media channels in China, you need to be using different tools to communicate with them. The Chinese audience have their own Social Media Networks such as Weibo (China’s alternative to Facebook and Twitter), WeChat (a mobile communication network and private social networking app), Renren (another Facebook alternative) and Youku (China’s YouTube equivalent).

Here are articles to help you increase your knowledge on China’s unique social media landscape:

Just as Social Media Marketing is growing in value in the western world, it’s doing the same in China. As more and more Chinese consumers are using social media, it’s essential that you understand the engagement opportunities that each Chinese social media network offers.

Our team has the local experience and expertise needed to determine the most appropriate social strategy for your business. The Sinorbis team will take care of all aspects of your Chinese Social Media Strategy; from strategic planning and research to reporting and analysis. We know how to reach your prospective customers and have a targeted approach that will equip you with all the tools needed to generate new business opportunities.

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