WhatsApp marketing: tapping into the global messaging platform for effective engagement

integrated translation tool

Broadcast messaging

Segment your contacts and send messages at scale, ensuring that your WhatsApp Marketing is not just widespread but also highly targeted. By tailoring your messages to your target audience you can deliver content that resonates with their interests and needs.

integrated translation tool

Personalised messages

Craft meaningful WhatsApp messages that resonate with both your potential and existing customers. Leverage variables to automatically include your customer’s details to increase engagement and foster loyalty and trust in your brand.

integrated translation tool
integrated translation tool

Integrated translation tool

Break down language barriers by easily translating your messages from English to any Asian locale, ensuring that your message is accessible and relatable to a broader audience.

integrated translation tool

One-to-one messaging tool

Real-time communication allows you to connect with your audience instantly. Boost customer engagement and build stronger relationships with your audience by addressing their queries and concerns promptly.

one-to-one messaging tool
integrated translation tool

Chatbots and auto-responses

Save time and increase engagement by leveraging our WhatsApp automations to set up welcome messages and quick replies to frequently asked questions to ensure your customers receive timely support while you focus on more strategic aspects of your business.

Messages to email 

In the fast-paced digital world, staying connected with your audience is paramount. Receive messages in your email inbox, ensuring you're always in touch with your audience when they are most engaged, even when you're on the move.

integrated translation tool

Contact management

Organise and categorise your contacts, ensuring that you can engage with specific groups or individuals seamlessly. By simplifying contact management, you can maintain a clear overview of your audience, ultimately enhancing your ability to deliver targeted and relevant messages.

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Get invaluable insights to bolster your WhatsApp marketing strategy by tracking interactions across your digital assets . Make informed decisions and foster stronger engagement by better understanding your customer journey.

integrated translation tool

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Frequently asked questions

The three types of WhatsApp accounts for marketing are as follows:

WhatsApp Messenger - This is the standard WhatsApp account most people will be familiar with if they use the WhatsApp mobile app on their phone. You can use a basic account to communicate with individuals on a one-to-one basis or for creating groups, but it’s not built to support broad marketing campaigns directly. A standard WhatsApp account probably won’t do the job for an organisation of any size in Asia — or anywhere.

WhatsApp Business – The features on WhatsApp Business are pretty limited for any organisation beyond sole proprietorships and small, mom-and-pop style businesses. You get the power to create a business profile, showcase products and catalogues, and automate some messages. But what’s lacking is the ability to communicate at scale, integrate WhatsApp functionality into your existing workflow, and other powerful features that any organisation is certain to want.

WhatsApp Business API (also known as WhatsApp Business Platform) - If you’re serious about breaking into Asia and marketing through WhatsApp, we strongly recommend WhatsApp Business API. It’s designed for larger organisations that require more advanced tools, so it’s loaded with features you won’t get in a standard WhatsApp Business account. WhatsApp Business API accounts have no ready-made interface. To use them, you’ll need to connect to their API through a Meta business partner. Our WhatsApp marketing software leverages the WhatsApp Business API to offer a comprehensive solution to your needs.

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