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Webinar - How to successfully run Chinese digital marketing campaigns to generate student leads

Digital marketing campaigns are now crucial for education institutions to generate international student leads. How can your institution run digital campaigns in China to drive traffic and convert them into student leads?

Guide - Understanding the Chinese digital ecosystem and B2B online audiences

To reach and engage with Chinese business buyers, it is a must for overseas B2B companies to shift cross-border marketing to online. This guide has been created to help you understand the country's unique digital ecosystem and steadily build your B2B audiences.

Webinar - Digital recruitment of Chinese students: Adapting to a post-COVID world

We partnered with Study in the USA to understand the current challenges faced by prospective students and how institutions can cater their marketing strategies towards students in North America.

Webinar - Internationalising European higher education in the digital age

We joined up with Times Higher Education for a webinar focusing on digital strategies to create and maintain relationships that are crucial for the future of your institution but also in shaping Europe as an attractive destination for future Chinese students.

Guide - Developing a digital strategy for China

Developing a successful digital strategy for your university in China is difficult. This guide has been developed to support universities in designing their own digital strategy for China. 

Webinar - How to develop an effective brand strategy to support Chinese student recruitment

To help foreign universities build up the influence in the Chinese market, we partnered with Educated Solutions, a leading education marketing agency in the UK, for a webinar on developing an effective brand strategy for China. 

Webinar - A UK/EU perspective - Marketing to Chinese students in a changing world

In partnership with Ecctis (formerly known as UK Naric), we take a look at how the trend of studying abroad has evolved with Chinese students changing plans and shifting preferences for overseas destinations.  

Webinar - Understanding the Chinese student and brand building in China

Joined by Rutgers University and San Mateo Community Colleges, this PIE News webinar uncovers how you can adapt your China marketing to the new recruitment landscape.

Whitepaper - The state of Chinese student recruitment post COVID-19

Download this whitepaper to learn how global universities can evolve their digital strategies and tailor offerings for Chinese international students in the changing world.

Webinar - Effective brand building in China in a new recruitment landscape

Watch this webinar to hear directly from experts on what successful engagement looks like in the major market of China.

Webinar - How Community College can successfully recruit students from China

Learn from our panellists from San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley and Stony Brook University on how Community Colleges can market to Chinese students effectively.  

Guide - The ultimate guide to B2B lead generation in China

How to leverage your digital assets to bolster your B2B lead generation in China? Discover top 8 strategies in this guide.

Webinar - How will COVID-19 impact the student-agent-university relationship?

Watch our webinar with Robert Parsonson to learn about the COVID-19 impact on the student-agent-university relationship.

Webinar - Leveraging the power of digital peer-to-peer networks in international student recruitment

Watch this webinar to learn how to leverage the powerful digital peer-to-peer networks in your China recruitment strategy.

Webinar - Creating more effective online learning experiences for Chinese international students

Watch our webinar with e-learning specialists Bronwyn Leong and Lisa Vincent to help you provide a better virtual learning experience and drive better results!

Guide - Wechat marketing 101 

If you are looking to market and sell to Chinese consumers online, there’s simply no way around WeChat. Learn how to build awareness, engagement and loyalty on China’s super app.

Guide - Chinese website 101

Did you know that 94% of Western websites cannot be loaded in mainland China? Learn how to create a high-performing digital presence for China’s unique online ecosystem.

Webinar - WeChat Mini Program

Watch our webinar to learn how to incorporate mini programs into your Chinese customer journey.

Webinar - Chinese student recruitment during and after COVID-19

Watch our webinar with Marty Bennett to learn about Chinese international student recruitment in North America during and after COVID-19.

Webinar - Digital content strategy for Chinese students

Watch our webinar to learn how to develop a digital content strategy for Chinese international students.

Webinar - Tencent Advertising

Navigating China’s dynamic media landscape can be difficult for international education marketers. Watch this webinar to learn about Tencent advertising!

Whitepaper - The Learning Dragon: 2nd edition – March 2019

While China remains the top source of international students globally, there are several signs this growth may soon start to slow down.

Webinar - Digital marketing in China

If you have looked into promoting your brand or business to Chinese digital consumers, you’re probably already aware how difficult it can be to crack this market. But it's not impossible!

Webinar - KOL Marketing

KOLs are heavily influencing purchasing decisions and have changed the way brands reach and engage with their target audiences in China. Watch this webinar to learn about KOL marketing!

Cheat Sheet - Chinese New Year Marketing

Our cheat sheet provides you with practical tips for running a successful Chinese New Year Marketing campaign.

Webinar - Chinese international students

Watch our webinar to learn how to adapt your marketing message to appeal to Chinese international students in a changing global political climate!

Webinar - WeChat marketing

From choosing the right type of WeChat official account for your business, integrating it with your web presence to creating relevant and engaging content to engage your followers – there’s a lot to learn!

Guide - The 10 point guide to target Chinese online consumers 

Our 10-point guide on targeting Chinese online consumers.

Guide - Free Ebook: A 101 guide to successfully launching a Tmall Global store 

Tmall, the B2C arm of the Alibaba group, is the largest eCommerce platform in China. With over 400 million active users posting over 20

Whitepaper - Stoking the dragon: Unlocking China's new generation of digital consumers - 2nd edition 

Learn what it takes for Western companies to attract, engage and sell to China's sophisticated digital consumers.

Whitepaper - The Rising Dragon: Touring with the Chinese traveller 

Sinorbis' draw on the latest information from around the world to present you with a clear picture of the Chinese traveller.

Report - China Ready Index

Are Australian businesses equipped to capitalise on the growing demand from Chinese consumers? Find out in this free report.

Presentation - Capitalising on the new generation of Chinese consumers

Today China already makes up 25% of the world’s online population and continues to grow by over 44 million internet users every year. Learn how you can capitalise on the opportunity.

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