Optimize engagement on your WeChat account

One-to-one messaging tool with auto translation

Boost customer engagement and build stronger relationships with your audience by addressing their queries and concerns promptly with real time communication. Break through language barriers by ensuring your Chinese audience can engage with your organisation in their native language.

Auto responses

Messages to email 

Stay connected with your audience when they are most engaged by receiving WeChat messages in your inbox and respond directly via email.    

Chatbots and auto-response

Boost productivity and enhance engagement with automated welcome messages and instant responses to FAQs, ensuring your audience gets prompt support while you concentrate on strategic priorities.   


Contact management

Elevate your engagement strategies with personalised interactions by segmenting your followers according to demographics, interests and engagement levels. Leverage the Sinorbis Profile to track your contact’s touchpoints across digital assets to better understand your customer’s journey.

WeChat Follower management
Content creation for WeChat

Content creation and publishing tool

Craft captivating WeChat articles effectively with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You can create, review and publish from a centralised platform, streamline your workflow for more effective content creation and distribution. 

Content creation for WeChat

Large template library

Designed specifically for the WeChat ecosystem, our expansive collection of post-and-component templates ensure your content resonances with your audience. Easily customise these templates to match your brand's unique identity, maintain consistency while effectively crafting captivating posts. 

WeChat templates
WeChat content scheduling

Content scheduling 

Plan, organise, and schedule you WeChat posts to reach your Chinese audience at the right time regardless of your time zone, maximising engagement and impact. Our scheduling tool simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on what matters most – crafting exceptional content. 

WeChat content scheduling

Custom QR code generator

Make it easier than ever for your audience to connect with your brand and grow your WeChat account. Amplify your brand's accessibility and engagement by incorporating customized QR codes across all your marketing materials and track which source is driving followers.

Custom QR code
WeChat Content performance analytics

WeChat analytics

Deep dive into your WeChat performance to understand precisely what resonates with your audience, driving follower acquisition and engagement, allowing you to tailor a WeChat strategy that delivers impact.

WeChat Content performance analytics

Menu configuration

Make navigating your WeChat Official Account a breeze with easy menu configuration. Streamline user navigation on the WeChat App, making it effortless for your followers to access key information, products, or services they need.

WeChat menu configuration

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