Digital China Strategy

Digital strategy in China is an essential element for any business looking to tap into the Chinese market. Leveraging online channels to connect with consumers will help you to increase your brand and ultimately improve your long-term performance in the China market.

Why is digital strategy important in China?

With one of the world’s largest online communities, China presents a major untapped opportunity for foreign businesses. There are over 500 million online shoppers today in China, and it is predicted to double in size over the next few years.

  The Chinese online ecosystem is unique and ever-changing. Chinese consumers use the web and interact with marketing content in completely different ways to Western consumers. In fact, almost every online service available to Western consumers is either unavailable to Chinese consumers or replaced by a local alternative – meaning your current digital strategy just isn’t going to cut it for the Chinese market.  

  For example, Google, Facebook and Twitter are not accessible in China. Instead China has Baidu, 360 and Sogou (search engines); and WeChat, Weibo, Youku and Renren (social platforms).  


How can we help you with your China Digital Strategy? 

We have the local knowledge, experience and expertise to empower your business to succeed in China. We will help you unlock the local market – discovering how to best reach and engage with local consumers through online channels. In this digital space, the first step into China should be the development of a well-designed and functional Chinese website. Your Chinese website is the central hub for your online presence in China, and needs to be best positioned to reflect your business and your brand to the marketplace. 

Our website creation team has a deep level of experience in building websites that appeal to Chinese online consumers. We help you create the perfect balance between maintaining a consistent global brand image whilst incorporating elements that is adapted to local user preferences – to ensure that your website is highly accessible to the local audience.

As part of your digital strategy, we will help you open the doors to Chinese online consumers by leveraging China social media marketing. WeChat is one of the most influential and popular social networking applications in China. Our team can help you set up and manage a WeChat official account, so that you can increase engagement and brand awareness in China.