A seamless cross-channel experience for Chinese consumers

The growing Chinese upper-middle class is generating an unprecedented demand for international products. With the majority of purchases happening on mobile, a seamless customer experience across channels is vital for brands looking to gain market share and increase the lifetime value of their Chinese customers. Sinorbis has the tools and expertise to help international consumer brands capitalise on a once in century opportunity.

Increase your digital reach with a mobile-friendly Chinese website

The most successful international consumer brands in China are focussed on building a complete digital experience to attract and engage shoppers, rather than just opening an eCommerce store. Delight your Chinese customers with a mobile-friendly, locally hosted website that is catered toward their needs.

Get your brand in front of the right audience

Chinese eCommerce success depends on a well-defined positioning and market awareness. Sinorbis can help you get your brand in front of the right audience through targeted promotion via vertical sites, online communities and shopping guides such as PClady, KIMISS, Babytree and SMZDM.

Drive relevant traffic to your eCommerce store to increase conversion

eCommerce sites such as Tmall, JD and VIP enable seamless transactions between international brands and Chinese consumers. Leverage our expertise and tools in Chinese social media, SEO, SME and display advertising to attract new and returning store visitors who are ready to buy.

Build and manage your online reputation in China

Chinese social media platforms and 3rd party websites are effective ways to build your brand’s online reputation. Sinorbis enables you to monito, carefully manage customer sentiment and smartly promote your brand reputation in a quality and safety sensitive market.

Measure your ROI for each channel

Successful retail marketing depends on a solid understanding of channel performance and the ability to correctly attribute sales to individual marketing tactics. Our insights and technology will give you a clear view on the channels that are having the biggest impact on sales, so that you can maximise your ROI.

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A 101 guide to successfully launching a Tmall Global store

Our ebook is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about entering and flourishing in the Chinese ecommerce space.