Chinese traveller: A memorable journey starts online

There’s a new breed of Chinese traveller emerging. Curious for new experiences, millennials venture far beyond the boundaries of previous generations. And their journey starts with online research. Sinorbis’ all-in-one digital marketing platform helps tourism organisations, destinations and attractions to meet the needs of the new Chinese traveller in a complex digital ecosystem.

Create a Chinese web presence for travellers on the go

Mobile devices are the tool of choice for young Chinese travellers. And they expect a seamless experience from the very moment they are entering your website. Sinorbis custom-built website and landing page templates will let you create a mobile-friendly digital experience that captures the Chinese travellers’ imagination.

Tap into the power of search

Chinese travellers research, organise and book their trips online. While Baidu SEO is a great way to increase the general reach and visibility of your tourism brand, good performance on Sogou will earn you the attention of Chinese millennials. Leverage Sinorbis’ analytics tools and AI powered recommendations to outrank your competitors on all major Chinese search engines.

Increase your reach through WeChat moments

Many young and connected Chinese travellers get their inspiration for their next trip from the experiences their friends share on WeChat. Use the word-of-mouth and viral effects of China’s super app by creating and managing a stunning official account for your tourism brand through our platform.

Understand what marketing activity is generating bookings

While dreaming up inspiring campaigns is great fun, at the end of the day bookings are what really matters to tourism marketers. Our insights and technology will give you a clear view on the channels that are having the biggest impact on Chinese traveller bookings.

Leverage our insight to optimise your digital presence

Digital marketing is always evolving, and tourism marketers need to respond to opportunities, seasonal demands and changing user behaviour as they happen. Our advanced technology will help you stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive race to woo the Chinese traveller.

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Gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese traveller

In our whitepaper, ‘The Rising Dragon: Touring with the Chinese Traveller’, we draw on the latest data insight to present you with a clear picture of the Chinese traveller.