Capture the attention of Chinese travellers

Sinorbis' all-in-one digital marketing platform helps tourism organisations, destinations and attractions to reach Chinese travellers at home and on the road.

Build a Chinese website that inspires

Help Chinese FIT – free independent travellers – to create their own adventure with a fast-loading and mobile responsive website.

Website create
Seamless booking

Create a seamless booking experience

Allow Chinese travellers to make date specific reservation requests.

Seamless booking

Simplify the pre-trip research

Optimise your website for relevant keywords, making sure your offer shows up on Chinese search engines.

Search Ranking

Know what marketing channels drive results

Analyse your website traffic, campaigns and partnerships with our built-in analytics tools.


Make it easy to spread the word

Create engaging WeChat content featuring real images from Chinese visitors to encourage content sharing.

WeChat Content
Create QR Code

Amplify organic reach

Grow your WeChat account followers through custom QR codes.

Create QR Code

Tailor messages for higher engagement

Segment Chinese social media followers into groups – based on age, gender, location and more – to improve the relevance of your communication.


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