Piaotiandi triples Chinese website traffic through streamlined page creation


As a real-time ticketing platform designed for Chinese outbound travellers, an easy-to-use digital marketing platform is vital for Barcelona-based start-up Piaotiandi to effectively connect with their target audience in mainland China.  

Founded in 2017, Piaotiandi spent the first nine months of operations establishing strong partnerships and building their reputation in the Chinese travel industry. Once the foundations were in place, the company’s CEO and Managing Partner, Xavier Boixeda started to look for a solution that would help them set up a digital presence that could support their ambitious growth objectives and scale with the changing needs of the business.

“I was very aware how difficult and time-consuming it could be to set up a website that loads fast within the limitations of the Great Firewall”, says Boixeda. He knew that they needed to find a partner that could help them bridge both the technical and cultural divide between Barcelona and Beijing. Which is where Sinorbis came in. 

A digital marketing platform for a scalable web presence in China

Piaotiandi subscribed to the Sinorbis platform which would allow them to easily add new web pages as the business added more destinations, experiences and attractions to their portfolio. To further streamline the page creation process, Piaotiandi engaged Sinorbis to create page templates and train their in-house team to clone and update these pages with new content. 

Andrew Roddam

“We found it easy to use the templates, clone them and then adapt them to the information that we needed for every page that we wanted to produce” – Xavier Boixeda, CEO

And the results speak for themselves! Piaotiandi was able to create and publish over 220 new pages in just a few weeks, saving countless hours of work for their in-house team. With Piaotiandi’s growth accelerating and website traffic increasing, Sinorbis continues to support the team, with a new goal of 500 pages to be created in the near future.


First-class support and evolving capabilites

 “Overall working with Sinorbis has been a very positive experience”, says Boixeda. “Both our companies are creating a bridge between China and the Western world, and the best part (about working with Sinorbis) is the level of personal commitment from the team dealing with our requests. We are very happy about the level of support.”

“Plus, it’s great to see that there are new tools and features constantly being added to the platform,” Boixeda states. “You can really see how the capabilities are constantly evolving.”


Built 225 webpages by using Sinorbis templates in a few weeks

Save countless hours of work

Website traffic increased over 3 x after launch of new pages

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