The University of Auckland's China website drives engagement and leads

In 2020, the University of Auckland partnered with Sinorbis to help build their China digital presence. It wasn’t long until the team started to see results, according to Vasso Koutsos, Deputy Director International Marketing and Recruitment.

“When we started using the Sinorbis platform we instantly saw greater engagement in our marketing efforts,” said Koutsos.

“We saw higher traffic, longer time on the website, people engaging with our content, and we were seeing more effectiveness with our various campaign messaging that we had.”

International Demand Generation Manager Tri Huynh says the China website has performed well.

“[Sinorbis] helped us to generate almost 150,000 visitors to the page, which are 90% new users to the page and the time load average is around five seconds, which is amazing.”

He says the site has also helped the institution connect to future students online.

”We just finished our international open week and the microsite helped us to generate around 25 to 30% of our leads.”

The platform is also easy to use, according to Huynh.

“In terms of the back end, where the marketer is using it, it is also quite easy because it's quite straightforward to create content.”

“I would definitely recommend it to another institution if they want to enter to the China market.”


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