WeChat Marketing

WeChat is a critical marketing tool for a company wanting to generate engagement and brand awareness in China with consumers.

WeChat Marketing: Strategy & implementation

Our WeChat Chinese Digital Strategy Plans are custom made and based on deep multi-disciplinary research, data analysis, expert cross-industry insights and innovative best practices to ensure your success.

Sinorbis can help you to:

  • Register and setup your WeChat official account,

  • create a dedicated WeChat HTML5 microsite to interact with your followers

  • Manage your account on your behalf by publishing specific content (including photos, audio, and videos messages) and interacting with your followers.

Grow your base

We can design and run acquisition campaigns to increase your reach and build critical follower numbers on your official accounts by leveraging top Social Media Influencers in China (KOL: Key Opinion Leaders) and by targeting users based on locations, interests, device type and more.

Sale online through WeChat

We can build your M-Commerce store within the WeChat ecosystem to:

  • Display your products with a WeChat-friendly interface,

  • Receive Payments directly in foreign currencies,

  • and manage your customer queries.

And leverage your WeChat account to keep your customers engaged between purchases.

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